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About CVI Books

I'm the mum of a very beautiful two-year-old who loves his stories!

He has a cerebral visual impairment, thanks to the neurological chaos resulting from an untreatable metabolic condition. He also has a major challenge with his motor development, as well as intractable epilepsy.

So why the website?

Well, I've always had a thing about kids' books, so one of the first things I did following his CVI diagnosis was hit Google in the hope of finding books suitable for his vision. What I came across was a very limited list of mainstream books recommended by other parents. Whilst the list itself was great, I wanted so much more than just Elmo! I wanted an easy to use directory of books to browse through, that were either fully accessible to him already, or could be made better with some minor tweaks.

I was also, frankly, gobsmacked, that there is so little consideration given to visually impaired children in the world of picture book publication. Large print and braille, yes, but simple clear pictures, no. So my second reason for this site is to hopefully add to a movement for change, encouraging publishers to consider all children, and maybe even to inspire parents themselves to get publishing.

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