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Gruffalo Touch and Feel Book

From the My First Gruffalo series

Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Target audience: Toddlers
Format: Board book (12 pages)

Aimed at toddlers, this lovely book from the My First Gruffalo series takes Axel Scheffler's familiar characters, but presents them largely against plain backgrounds. The inclusion of the forest floor beneath the characters' feet creates a little complexity in some of the illustrations, but it is still leaps and bounds better than the full story book for kids with CVIs.

Since it is aimed at toddlers, it is short and sweet. Nice tactile insets help describe the physical appearance of the fearsome gruffalo (using the words from the Gruffalo song, “He has terrible tusks and terrible claws..." etc). For older children, you'll therefore need to be creative to make this hold enough interest. My son, for example, really enjoys listening to the full Gruffalo story CD on car journeys. We then use this book mostly to sing the Gruffalo song together.

If you fancy having a go at singing the book with your child, but need a little help with your tuning, then there are plenty of versions of the Gruffalo song on YouTube. Most of the videos themselves, however, are visually rather complex, so probably best used just as a soundtrack.

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The Gruffalo Touch and Feel (Book Depository)

The Gruffalo Touch and Feel (

The Gruffalo Touch and Feel (

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