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I like it when...

(and the Little Penguin series)

Author and Illustrator: Mary Murphy
Publisher: Egmont Books (UK), Houghton Mifflin (US)
Target audience: 1-4 years
Format: Board book, Paperback (22 pages)

I like it when...

A warm and lovely story following the day of a young penguin and his grown up. All backgrounds are completely plain, providing good contrast with our penguin heroes.

This story, in my opinion, scores bonus points as neither penguin has been assigned a gender. So, as well as avoiding gender-stereotyping of who might be assumed to be the one feeding and bathing the little penguin, it also makes it super flexible for any child in any care situation to identify with. Whilst "I like it when..." frequently features in online lists of CVI-friendly children's books, it came as total news to me that there are actually a whole series of Mary Murphy books featuring our little penguin friend.

Whilst "I like it when..." does seem to be one of the best in the series for CVI-kids, the others are certainly worth a look if you've enjoyed this book.

Others in the Little Penguin series (but there are probably more):

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