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Maisy Noisy Book series

Author and Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
Publisher: Walker Books
Target audience: Babies and toddlers
Format: Board books (12 pages)

Featuring the same set of characters as in the Maisy Story Book series, these books all have a noise maker built into them. 'Maisy Likes Music', for example, has beads to shake in the spine, whilst 'Maisy Likes Dancing' has a bell.

As in the Maisy Story Book series, the pictures are simple with plain, bold colours, but would benefit from having their edges 'tidied' up with a black marker pen due to the pop art style of Lucy Cousins' illustrations.

I think this series also benefits from being read against a plain background. Eliminating clutter from their peripheral vision should help a child with a CVI view pictures in any book. However, it seems particularly relevant for this series as the pictures are quite large in relation to the fairly small page size, making what is going on behind the book seem more noticeable.

There might be more, but books in this series include:

  • Maisy Likes Music (see pictures below)

  • Maisy Likes Dancing (see pictures below)

  • Squeak Squeak Maisy

  • Maisy's Noisy Day

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Maisy Likes Dancing (

Maisy Likes Music (

Maisy Noisy Books (


Maisy Likes Dancing (Book Depository)

Maisy Likes Music (

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Maisy Likes Music

Maisy Likes Dancing

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