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Maisy Story Book series

Author and Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
Publisher: Walker Books (UK), Turtleback Books (US)
Target audience: 2+
Format: Paperback (around 20 pages)

There are 10 titles in the Maisy Story Book series, all of which have simple pictures on mostly plain backgrounds. The stories feature Maisy (mouse) and her friends Charley (crocodile), Tallulah (duck), Cyril (squirrel), Eddie (elephant), as well as her trusty toy panda.

Written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins (as in 'A Busy Day for Birds'), the pictures are in her distinctive pop art style. I'm slowly working my way through my son's copies of these books with a black marker pen to further improve the pictures by making the outline of the pictures less sketchy (see page 'Modifying Books' for photos). Even though they are paperbacks, I've found that the marker pen does not bleed through to the next page, but it would be worth checking with the particular pen you plan on using before making a start.

It is easy to get the Maisy Story Book series mixed up with the Maisy First Experiences series, as many of the titles are similar. The First Experiences series has a lot more going on in the pictures, so do double check before ordering. Some of the Maisy Story Book series also have slightly different titles in the US, which I've hopefully included all of below (although you may well find both versions for sale in both countries). And finally, for further confusion, there are two styles of jacket available in the Maisy Story Book series, those as pictured below, and also a version with a check pattern around the edge.

The 10 titles of the Maisy Story Book series are as follows:

  • Maisy Dresses Up

  • Maisy's Bathtime (UK)/ Maisy Takes a Bath (US)

  • Maisy Makes Lemonade

  • Maisy's Bedtime

  • Maisy Makes Gingerbread

  • Maisy Goes Shopping

  • Maisy's Bus (UK)/ Maisy Drives the Bus (US)

  • Maisy Tidies Up (UK)/ Maisy Cleans Up (US)

  • Maisy's Pool

  • Doctor Maisy

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Maisy titles (

Maisy titles (

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'Maisy's Bedtime' and 'Maisy's Bathtime'

'Maisy Goes Shopping' and 'Maisy's Bus'

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