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That's not my... series

Usborne touchy-feely books

Author: Fiona Watt
Illustrator: Rachel Wells
Publisher: Usborne
Target audience: 3 months +
Format: Board books (10 pages)

There are 65 books in this series (and often to be found in your local library), so the below is just a list of the few I've so far come across that look good for use with kids with CVIs. I've listed them in approximate order of picture clarity, best first.

What's also worth noting about these books is that they often stay useful and interesting for our kids longer than you might think. Try the following:

  • To support communication development in pre-verbal children, try recording 'That's not my bear (etc.)' on a recordable button so that your child can join in with 'reading' the story.

  •  If visually appropriate, try getting your child to hunt for the mouse on each page. As an alternative to the first point, you could record 'Squeak, squeak, squeak' on the button, for use when the mouse has been located.

That's not my dinosaur...

This one gets mentioned a lot as a good choice for kids with CVIs, due to the almost total lack of background details and high contrast clear pictures. It's also available as a pack with a soft dinosaur toy.

That's not my bear...

In my opinion, this book is just as good as 'That's not my dinosaur...' for picture clarity, with the black and white of the panda and koala giving particular striking contrast.

That's not my penguin...

As you might guess, the black and white penguins also make this a good CVI choice. A couple of the images have snow flakes in the background so there is a little more going on here than in 'That's not my dinosaur...' and 'That's not my bear...', but still a rather good option. It is also available in a gift pack with a soft penguin toy.

That's not my bee...

There's plenty of black and yellow in this book, with good strong bee images and nice sparkly wings in the final image for visual interest. Flowers and hives etc. do add a little distraction though.

That's not my lamb...

Some of the pictures of the lamb could be better with respect to their contrast with the rest of the page, but I've still included this as worth checking out as it has bigger tactile patches than many of the other books in the series, making it easier for the child to find, especially if they also have trouble with their motor skills.

Buy it here...


That's not my... series (Book Depository)

That's not my... series (


That's not my... series (Book Depository)

That's not my... series (

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'That's not my dinosaur...' 'That's not my bear...'

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